Hand Boer "HDT-5"
The most powerful and durable in its class

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A line of the best hand-held drilling tools in the world.
The price of complete sets from $ 112.50 (€ 112.50)
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Distinctive features of the boer HDT-5:

-high strength

-high performance

-modular construction

-all cutting edges have a wear-resistant composition

-the angle of winding screws of drill rods - 540 degrees
(a very important indicator, otherwise sandy and pebble soils will not stay on the auger)

-quick coupling
(no threaded, bolted, splinted connection and other elements that obstruct work or may be lost)

-side full-size cutting bar
(forms a wall of the wellbore and facilitates the ascent of the drill)

-holes for lifting of the drill on all connecting rods
(a very important indicator when drilling to a depth of more than a meter)

-decentralized spear
(prevents idling of the drill when it hits the stone)

-opportunity to work in cramped conditions

-bicomponent bailer for drifting quicksand when creating a well.

The figures below show the most popular complete sets: «Full set», «Well 10-200», unique equipment for sinking quicksand and other devices.
(for more information, go to the relevant sections of the site)

Equipment "Full set"
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Equipment «Well 10-200»
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Bicomponent bailer
for drifting quicksand of any complexity
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Wideners (Underreamers)
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Pillar extractor
the simplest universal device
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